ANDIS UpperCut Student Barbering Competition

What you will win

Calling all Barbering Students!!! Dust off your tapering combs and sharpen your hair color pencils! The Beauty Industry is in search of leading student Barbers to showcase their top skills on the Bronner Bros Main Stage. We are Going  back to New Orleans, LA for fun and excitement! This competition will allow  you to display your unique cutting visions for the Industry.

One good turn deserves another!! WELCOME BACK TO NAWLINGS!! These Student are not ordinary students, this competition has uniquely been branded the best of it’s kind! Barbers will have 30 minutes to execute any style haircut and design of their choice. No existing designs or pre-haircuts are permitted. Barber’s work must display a complete transformation from beginning to the end of the competition. Our student barbers are changing the industry, one cut at a time! Students, you can sign up with valid/current School issued ID. We are excited to see what our up and coming barbers have to offer!


MONDAY, April 3, 2023
Place: Ernest Morial Convention Center
Address: 900 Convention Center Blvd, New Orleans, LA 70130

Check-in Location: Competition Check-in Desk in the Registration Hall
Location: Competition Headquarters (DO NOT GO TO MAIN STAGE)
Check In time: 10:00 am – 10:30 am
Prep Time: 10:30 am – 11:15 am (Rules, Q & A)
Line up: 11:20 am

This will be a SPLIT STAGE competition with Student Rising Star
Main Stage Start Time: 11:30 am
Stage Time: 30 min. competition time – 20 min judging time
Judging time: 12:30 pm –  12:50 pm
End Time: 1:00 pm

DEADLINE:  Thursday, March 30, 2023
– 11:59pm EST

The fee for this competition is $70.00
(You still must pay for admission to the show separately).

Click Here to Purchase your Beauty Show Pass to enter Exhibit floor to participate and/or view the competition.

THE COMPETITOR’S MODEL will be given complimentary entrance to the Bronner Bros. Exhibit Hall Floor on the day of their competition ONLY!
Please BE ON TIME!


This is a SPLIT STAGE Competition. The Student Rising Star will be on one side and the Barbering Competition will be on the other. Both competitions will be going on simultaneously. 

By paying the entry fee, you are agreeing to all the General Rules and Regulations and the individual rules of this competition. 

Rules & Regulations

  • MODELS: You MUST provide two forms of ID to registration for this competition to show proof of your age and a photograph (for example, a birth certificate and driver’s license or a birth certificate and a passport or a birth certificate and a school ID card with your name on it). Because age can be deceiving, your model must prove their age. Proof that the model is at least 18 years of age. Without it, the model cannot be used.
  • STUDENT COMPETITOR: Must upload active proof of student status from your school. Please contact the Director of Competitions at the email listed below at the bottom of the rules if you have issues with providing student status from your school.

PLEASE NOTE: Inspecting your work before completion, to correct symmetry, is vital. Design Lines will have NO EFFECT if not executed well. And choosing the right model is critical to the end result. Please consider the skin of the head and face as a canvas for your artistic work.


PLEASE NOTE: Inspecting your work before completion, to correct symmetry, is vital. Design Lines will have NO EFFECT if not executed well. And choosing the right model is critical to the end result. Please consider the skin of the head and face as a canvas for your artistic work.

      1. You can click HERE to view the General Rules and Regulations that govern ALL competitions.
      2. This is a Student Barbering haircut and style competition. You are expected to create a complete hair cut. The attire and theme for the hair cut will need to be blended for a total look. You will be judged on the entire presentation.
      3. BE ON TIME: You Must be at the Check-In desk in the CHQ at the appointed time or risk point deduction and/or disqualification. Please be aware that parking will not be easy. Also, Hotel accommodations are going fast as this is a VERY busy weekend. Traveling by Car is going to be hectic. PLEASE make time allowances to be on time because we DO NOT allow late participants nor do we give refunds for late arrivals or for any reason other than competition cancellation by Bronner Bros. Late arrivals will not be allowed to enter the competition or be allowed to go on stage after the competition has started. You have been informed.
      4. After registration, you will be sent a confirmation email. Please be sure to complete all that is requested for you and your model, or you may experience significant delays during check in. 
      5. If any designs are to be cut into the hair, they must be done completely during the 30 minutes allotted for the competition. No time will be allotted during the prep time for preliminary cutting and outlining.
      6. Competitors are not allowed to have more than one model during the competition.
      7. This is an individual student competition. If a school pays for a student to enter, the agreement must be with the STUDENT and the School concerning the ownership of trophies and Awards. Bronner Bros. will only present the trophies and awards to the individual students that register. Bronner Bros will not interfere with the details of such agreements.
      8. There may be significant detours and traffic delays downtown near the Convention Center.  Please use your time wisely and plan your route to the facility ahead of time. Late arrivals may not be allowed to participate and will not be issued a refund. 
      9. What to Bring to Registration for Model and Stylist: 
        1. You MUST bring two forms of ID to registration that day to show proof of your age and a photograph (for example, a birth certificate and driver’s license or a birth certificate and a passport or a birth certificate and a school ID card with your name on it). Proof that the model is at least 18 years of age. Without it the model cannot be used.
        2. Your student ID may be required at check in or proof on line of your active student status. Also, students with a student ID from 6 months prior may enter. (Out of school for 6 months only). 
        3. Students MUST bring STUDENT IDs to the registration hall on the day of the competition. (IF THERE IS A PROBLEM WITH YOUR STUDENT ID, PLEASE EMAIL US BEFORE March 15, 2023.)
        4. The QR codes sent to you via email or Text with your proof of purchases for:
          1. Admissions (1 day pass, 3 day/2 night)
          2. Competition fee payment of $70.
      10. If you desire to compete and you are a high school student, please contact the Competition Director before registering for proper administration knowledge (email address below).  After your school has been approved and you are a student competing with a participating High School, you will be required to bring proof of your school status on school letterhead and have a parent or guardian present to complete proper paperwork if under the age of 18. ONLY your model will receive complimentary entrance for the day of the competition.
      11. The competitor is responsible for securing their travel and hotel accommodations with no expectations of Bronner Bros or their affiliates providing refunds.
      12. The Barbering competition is open to Barbering students only. (Male and Female Barbering students).
      13. Competitor is responsible for the purchase of the daily entry into the exhibit floor. This cost is separate from the competition fee. The choice to purchase a 3 day registration or a 1 day registration  is completely up to the competitor. However, be aware that your model has complimentary entry from 10am until 5pm on the day of the competition ONLY. NO exceptions!
      14. Due to the insurance rules that govern our exhibit floor, children under 12 are NOT allowed on the Exhibit floor, back stage or in the area for this competition. Click here for our DAYCARE options.
      15. All Models over 18 are welcome: Any race, nationality, creed or color.
      16. No additional persons are allowed in the prep room. Only Model and Competitor will be allowed in the Prep room during the briefing and pre-judging time. There will be an area around Main Stage for viewing during the competition.
      17. Models must be dressed in an appropriate attire to reflect the mood of the hair creation. Please REPORT DRESSED. No dressing room will be provided.
      18. All coloring and chemical processes MUST be completed prior to checking in for the competition. Shampoo areas will not be provided.
      19. No Wigs are allowed!
      20. You will NOT receive your score at the end of the competition. Only the top 3 scores are digitally calibrated and recorded.
      21. Absolutely no weave, clip ins and hair extensions are allowed.
      22. No man weaves are allowed.
      23. No grotesque – No horror – No Monsters!
      24. All cut hair MUST be left on the floor. You, the Barber, MUST stay at your station for the duration of the competition. Your Model may or may not be asked to walk the floor. You are to remain at your station until instructed to exit the stage. (For judges inspection)
      25. No clipper or razor pre-work may be done on the model before the competition. If your model is a regular client and gets his hair cut weekly, he has to have at least 2 weeks of visible stubble at the hairline, temple area, beard and side burn areas.
      26. All cutting, including the basic haircut, MUST be done on stage.
      27. A minimum of 1/2 inch of hair must be visible over the model’s entire head (tiny afro on every area of the head). The starting point of the head is to be a “Hairy Canvas”. (Pre-judging will be performed and points will be deducted for infractions to the rules). Early Bird special…Use code SAVE10 now through March 1, 2023.
      28. Entrants and models must remain until the judges’ decisions are announced or risk being disqualified.
      29. All competitors will receive a gift from the sponsoring as a part of their competition kit. The tools are yours to keep following the competition. Competitors can NOT use their own equipment. You must use the equipment provided on stage by ANDIS. You cannot use your personal ANDIS equipment unless it is a branded ANDIS Blow dryer. They will not provide blow dryers in the sponsorship package. (It must be ANDIS brand).
      30. THE USE OF STRAIGHT EDGE RAZORS AND/OR BLADES IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED. If found to be using these items, significant Points will be deducted.
      31. No PRE-CUTTING of the head or hair is allowed in any way prior to competition.
      32. No Adding of weave or extensions to the models hair during or prior to the competition. significant points will be deducted.
      33. Competitors are permitted to bring and use combs, brushes, liquid styling tools, and color pencils of their choosing (including color sprays and hair fibers) to create their finished look during the competition.
      34. There is a limit of 15 competitors for this competition.
      35. Competitors are required to remove at least 1/2 inch of hair off the entire head during the competition as to satisfy the requirement of executing a FULL Barbering HAIRCUT onstage during the competition 30 minutes time frame. JUDGES MAY VIEW HAIR ON THE FLOOR.
      36. Contestants will be judged on the following: Technical execution of styles Originality, Suitability and head contour, and New Ideas.
      37. All Participants (contestants and models) must sign a model release form. In doing so, the contestant agrees to abide by the final decision of the judges. If this paperwork is incomplete, you may delay or forfeit your payment in full if you place or win the competition.
      38. Bronner Bros. is not responsible for items left on the stage nor lost or stolen items. Please keep up with your belongings. NO EXCEPTIONS!
      39. Bronner Brothers and the Sponsors reserve the right to cancel the competition of a minimum amount of competitors is not met. This competition requires 10 competitors in order for the competition to take place.
      40. If a competitor has won first place in this (Student Uppercut Barbering) Bronner Bros. Competition, he or she may NOT win more than twice. If a second win is accomplished, He/She may, enter any of the other Bronner Bros. Competitions of which they have not received a 1st place award in the past 2 years (4 consecutive shows). However, if no longer a student, you will need appropriate licensure to compete.


Understanding Competition Mindset

Within the competition arena there are rules that must be in place to separate the average from the superior. Being good at your craft doesn’t make you GREAT and/or outstanding. 

*Being late is not being the best… Even if you cannot help the circumstances that made you late…

*Not maintaining the proper professional attitude is not being the best. You have to be able to read the situation and change your attitude to play fair and be a good competitor.
*Not being prepared with the proper equipment is not being the best… You need to think through your planning and execute properly so you will be on time and have EVERYTHING YOU NEED. It is not the responsibility of Bronner Bros. to help you have what you need, only to provide what is stated in the rules and regulations.
*If the competition is below your expectations —that is where your creativity and ingenuity should step in to make your creation outstanding no matter what you are given.  We cannot control each competitors expectations. This is our “Competition Mindset.” 
The Competition promise:
Not reading rules and regulations, arriving late, arguing with the staff, disrespecting fellow competitors, using your phone when told not to, not being present (competitor and model),  not having your head in the game (physically and mentally), and coming unprepared will lead you to point deduction and you will not have enough points to place or qualify as a winner. Don’t start out in the negative with point deductions… Be positive that you are prepared.

FYI: In past Beauty Shows, competitors that chose to disregard any rule had significant point reduction and severely decreased their opportunity to win the competition.

FYI: Many competitions have very close scores. Sometimes, the final judges decisions have been based on the amount of hair that is left on the floor and if the lengths and amounts are within the rules and regulations governed for the competition.