Q. Voucher Purchased off site from Sales Representatives?
A. These vouchers are sold by Official Bronner Brothers Sales representatives or vendors that have contracts with Bronner Bros. to sell Registration Vouchers. This term Voucher is attached because the physical Voucher will not allow you entry into the show. You have to go online and register your Voucher attaching it to you and your contact information. If the Voucher is not redeemed and lost before the show, there is no way to connect you and the purchase. Most Sales representatives and Vendors do not keep a detailed record of their individual sales. Therefore, it is IMPERATIVE that you immediately go on line and register your Voucher as soon as it is purchased. Someone finding the voucher can use it for themselves if not redeemed immediately. You can use your smartphone or computer and Click Here to complete your registration.







Q. How does the voucher ticket work?
A. Upon entering the registration area in Building C, you will be guided as a registered guest or not registered guest. There will be associates onsite to assist you. Bring your emailed/texted QR code to associates at the counter (search “Bronner Bros” in your emails).Then show both codes to the associate at the counter to receive your armband. If you are a competitor, please register at the COMPETITIONS check in desk to complete your registration and receive your information.
All Beauty show attendees, whether a Competitor and/or professional, have a Registration process and fee associated with attendance.