ANDIS Uppercut Student Barbering   
(Feb 2020)

1st Place: Damon Bates Tuscaloosa, AL
2nd Place: Ricardo Saucedo Remlap, AL
3rd Place: Quentin Lewis Fort Wayne, IN

Champion of Weaves (Feb 2020)

1st Place: Tiffany Thames Winston Salem, NC
2nd Place: Alicia Griffin Plant City, FL
3rd Place: Nicole Hill Chicago, IL
FB: Nicole Masterstylist Hill

Fantasy  (Feb 2020 )

1st Place: Nikita Kimmons Holly Springs, MS
@Kita Kimmons
2nd Place: Twyling Baugh Rosharon, TX
3rd Place: Sheleta Smith Chattanooga, TN

ANDIS Creative Student Rising Star
(Feb 2020)

1st Place: 
Shakoya Robinson-Lane
Hermitage, TN 

2nd Place:
Christopher Dorsey
Shaw, MS
@CJaye Dorsey

3rd Place:
April Davis
Bolton, MS



ANDIS Total Look Barbering Competition

1ST Place: D.C. The Barber
Augusta, GA

2nd Place: Nasee Yehuda
Bellwood, FL

3rd Place: Lauren Coleman
Fairfield, AL

Champion of Weaves (March 2019)

1st Place: Shucarra Cotchery of
Atlanta, GA

2nd Place: Renata Alexander of
Philadelphia, PA

3rd Place: Shabazz Davis of
Fayetteville, NC

Fantasy- MardiGras (March 2019)

1st Place: Merlande Petithomme

of Atlanta, GA


2nd Place: Terrence Davidson of
Atlanta, GA

3rd Place: Timothy Cabell of
Savannah, GA
@timothycabell 219



ANDIS Total Look Barbering

August (2018)

1st Place: Jasmine Harris – York, PA –

@ meetyournewbarber

2nd Place: Dennis Murray – Augusta, GA –


3rd Place: Christopher Quinones – Gainesville, GA –




(August 2018)

1st Place: Ashley Payne -Winston Salem, NC – 

@ beautyispayne_styling salon 

2nd Place: Nikita Kimmons – Moscow, TN – 

@ Kita Simmons 

3rd Place: Lavita Griffin – Talladega, AL – 

@Lavita Lynstrong Griffin


Champion of Weaves
(February 2018) 

1st Place: LaTonya Rawls – Little Rock, AR

2nd Place: LaChelle Wise – Atlanta, GA

3rd Place: Isia Riley – Macon, GA



Total Look Barbering Competition 

(February 2018) 

1st Place: Casey Casey, Sr. – Powder Springs, GA

2nd Place: Tarae Mitchell – Madison, AL

3rd Place: George Thigpen – Fairfield, AL



FANTASY: Comic Super Hero

(February 2018) 

1st Place: Tiffany Thames – Winston Salem, NC

2nd Place: Shawna L. D. Fulton – Las Vegas, NV

3rd Place: Nikita Kimmon – Moscow, TN


Student Barbering Competition

(February 2018)  

1st Place: Eugene King – Lawrenceville, GA

2nd Place: Terrell Blackwell – Greenville, MS

3rd Place: Jarvis Arnold – Indianapolis, IN



Creative Student Rising Star 

(February 2018) 

1st Place – Sheleta Smith – East Ridge, TN

2nd Place – Valerie Sampson- Jonesboro, GA

3rd Place – ShuCarra Cotchery – Atlanta, GA



Total Look Barbering Competition
(August 2017)  

1st Place: Stanley “Spodie” Holsey, Jacksonville, FL

2nd Place: Jessie Austin, Jackson, MS

3rd Place: Matthew Sam, Moreno Valley, CA



Champion of Weaves Competition

(August 2017) 

1st Place: Sharice Pina, Silver Springs, MD

2nd Place: Sorelle Nyabe, Laurel, MD

3rd Place: Danielle Wilks; Atlanta, GA



PREMIER CLIPPERS Student Barbering
Competition: (August 2017) 

1st Place: Kevin Legaspi, Pensacola,FL

2nd Place: Alexander Dodson, Columbus, GA

3rd Place: Elise Branch, Stone Mountain, GA


Student Rising Star Competition  

(August 2017)  

1st Place: Whittney Alexander, Indianapolis,

IN FUQUA Institute of Beauty Culture

2nd Place: Auginah Wright, Indianapolis,

IN FUQUA Institute of Beauty Culture

3rd Place: ShuCarra Cotchery, Atlanta, GA



Total Look Barbering Competition  (February 2017) 

1st Place: Johnnie Akons-Chicago, IL

2nd Place: Jason Chapman-Fort Wayne,

IN Samuel Simpson-Springfield Gardens, N



Champion of Weaves (February 2017)

1st Place: Zechra Williams – Cocoa, FL

2nd Place: Tia Roberts

3rd Place: Shabazz Davis – Fayetteville, NC



Creative Student Rising Star (February 2017)

1st Place: Cormisha Quinn – Birmingham, AL

2nd Place: Brittany Barriner – Lithonia, GA

3rd Place: Qualunta Parker – Macon, GA


FEBRUARY 2017  Bronner Bros. Fantasy Competition 

1st Place: David Hudson- Radcliff, KY



2nd Place: Eddwantya Epps – Jackson, MS



3rd Place: Cassandra Radford- Indianapolis, IN


Creative Student Rising Star  (August 2016) 

1st Place: Antoinette Wilson #9- Atlanta,

GA - Atlanta Technical College

2nd Place: Ayana Harris #7- Macon GA -

Miller Motte Technical College-

3rd Place: Gabrielle Pagon #3-

Philadelphia, PA - Empire Center City



Champion of Weaves (August 2016) 

1st Place: #1 Markeisha Wandell-

Clarksville, TN - Ceems Hair Salon

2nd Place: #6 Michelle Carter-

Chicago, IL - Hair Glam

3rd Place: #4 Shabazz Davis- Fayetteville,

NC - Natural Genius



ANDIS Total Look Barbering Competition (August 2016)

1st Place: James Weatherford #6-

Cedar Rapids,IA – Head to Toe Salon

2nd Place: Tristan King #1 –

Fort Wayne, IN – Loyal Kutz

3rd Place: Nathan Dardy #3 – Sparta,

GA – Barber & Beauty Shop


Dreamworks Animation Presents
Trolls: Fantasy Competition (August 2016)

1st Place: Marie Gardner #6 – Funston, GA
Array of Beauty Hair Salon



 BB Cover Girl Competition

(August 2016) 

Merlande Petithomme– Atlanta, GA
Platinum Hair by Merlande



 BB Cover Girl Competition

(August 2016)

Deedy Wales– Atlanta, GA
W Salon Buckhead


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