BRONNER BROS. NAIL ART COMPETITIONBronner Bros. welcomes all Nail Techs and Nail Vendors back to New Orleans, LA !!! We invite all talented Professional nail technicians to register to their creativity in our new Nail Art Design Competition. This competition challenges technicians to use both their technical training and artistic freedom to create never before seen nail designs while staying within strict time confines. Our chosen theme is: MARDI GRAS. Nail technicians will be judged on their artistic ability and knowledge of products, designs, shape and color combinations.

Come and unleash your most creative side in NOLA!


1st PLACE:

  • $500
  • A trophy from Bronner Brothers®
  • Photos featured on with your social media handle for contact.
  • Admission to Bronner Bros. Beauty Show August 2023 (3 Day/2 night)
  • Photos featured in the Bronner Bros Show digest August 2023
2nd PLACE:
  • $250
  • A trophy from Bronner Brothers®
  • Photos featured on with your social media handle for contact.
  • Admission to Bronner Bros. Beauty Show August 2023 (3 day/2 night)
3rd PLACE:
  • $150
  • A trophy from Bronner Brothers®
  • Photos featured on with social media handle for contact
  • Admission to Bronner Bros. Beauty Show August 2023 (3 day/2 night)


The fee for this competition is $75.00 (You still must pay for admission to the show separately)
THE COMPETITORS MODEL will be given complimentary entrance to the Bronner Bros. Exhibit Hall Floor on the day of their competition ONLY! The competitor must purchase a  standard pass into the exhibit floor (example: 3 day combination, or a 1 day).
Please be ON TIME!!!
March 16, 2023


Place: Ernest Morial Convention Center
Address: 900 Convention Center Blvd, New Orleans, LA 70130

Check-in Location: Competition Check-in Desk in the Registration Hall
Check-In Time: 12:00 p.m. – 1:00 p.m.
Prep Location: Competition Headquarters (DO NOT GO TO MAIN STAGE)
Prep time: 1:00 p.m. – 2:15 p.m.
Line up: 2:20 p.m.
Start Time: 2:30 p.m. Main Stage
Stage Time: 60 MINUTES
Judging: 2:45 pm – 3:25 pm
End Time: 3:30 pm


For General Competition Rules and regulations click HERE.
    1. You MUST bring two forms of ID to registration that day to show proof of your age and a photograph (for example, a birth certificate and driver’s license or a birth certificate and a passport or a birth certificate and a school ID card with your name on it). 
    2. Bring all the required documents to the Competition headquarters (CHQ).
    3. Proof that the model is at least 18 years of age. If the age of the model is questioned and proper ID is not available, the model cannot be used
    4. Your License or proof online of your active status.
    5. BE ON TIME: You Must be at the Check-In desk in the CHQ at the appointed time or risk point deduction and/or disqualification. Please be aware that parking will not be easy. Also, Hotel accommodations are going fast as this is a VERY busy weekend. Traveling by Car is going to be hectic. PLEASE make time allowances to be on time because we DO NOT allow late participants nor do we give refunds for late arrivals or for any reason other than competition cancellation by Bronner Bros. Late arrivals will not be allowed to enter the competition or be allowed to go on stage after the competition has started. You have been informed.
    6. The QR codes sent to you via email or Text with your proof of purchases for:
      1. QR code for Admissions (1 day pass, 3 day/2 night pass)
      2. QR code for Competition Fee payment of $75
    1.  Models will stand during the judging process and must be able to walk in costume without assistance.
    2. The model must be in costume and prepared for judging at the scheduled check in time.
    3. Children under 12 are NOT allowed on the Exhibit floor, backstage or in the area for this competition. Click here for our DAYCARE options.
    4. ALL COMPETITORS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR OWN PERSONAL BELONGINGS!! Bronner Brothers is not responsible for theft or lost items left on the stage after the competition. NO EXCEPTIONS! Please see the specified site for Lost and Found in the Convention Center.
    5. All models are welcomed to participate. All races, nationalities, creeds, and colors will ignite the multicultural look of the industry. Competitors must find and provide their own model.
    6. No additional persons are allowed in the prep room. Only Model and Competitor will be allowed in the Prep room during the briefing and pre-judging time. There will be an area around Main Stage for viewing during the competition.
    7. Current Bronner Brothers employees, platform artists, and educators cannot compete in this competition. A minimum of 2 year of non-association with the company is required to qualify.
    8. There may be heavy traffic or major detours near the Convention Center. Please use your time wisely and plan your route to the facility ahead of time.
    9. All Participants (contestants and models) must sign a model release form. Failure to complete this form before arriving downtown may significantly delay your check-in process as you WILL NOT be allowed entry into the competition headquarters until these forms are received electronically.
    10. AFTER WINNING THE COMPETITION, the contestant agrees to abide by the final decision of the judges. 
    11. All winners must report to the Competition Headquarters to complete all paperwork to receive payment of awards and prizes. If this paperwork is incomplete, you may significantly delay or in some cases forfeit your payment in full if you place or win the competition.
    12. Bronner Brothers and the Sponsors reserve the right to cancel the competition of a minimum number of competitors is not met. This competition requires 15 registered competitors for the competition to take place

Nail Art Rules  

Theme True Imagination

  1. ALL models must come with 2 hands as a blank canvas (All work must be completed on site).
  2. Models must be dressed in appropriate attire to reflect the mood of the Nail creation. If not dressed in the theme of the artwork, points will be deducted. Please REPORT DRESSED. No dressing room will be provided. 
  3. Competitors are permitted to bring and use all equipment and product required to create their finished look during the competition. All mediums are allowed except press on nails.
  4. A table section and Electricity will be provided.
  5. All nail work must be done and completed by the registered competitor. All work, including model preparation, must be completed prior to the competition.
  7. All nail art must be made from professional nail products including (colored liquid-and-powder acrylic, light-cured gel, wraps and resin, polish, rhinestones, etc.).
  8. Your 3D artwork needs to be left blank and painted on site. Preliminary artwork must be documented with a video (showing you doing the work).
  9. Embellishments may be used but must NOT exceed 25% of the overall design.
  10. Nails must be incorporated into the design.  The nail art MUST BE attached to the nails and NOT sitting ONLY on a platform.
  11. The Nail Art MUST BE attached to the nails ONLY -NOT on a platform. They may NOT serve only as base. There will be a 10-point deduction if nails are not incorporated into design.   Each individual nail must be attached to each individual nail bed of the model’s hand. All fingers must move freely. This must be clear to the judges. It must not be separate from the model’s nail or attached only to the fingers or hand in some way as to “appear” as though it is attached.  Each piece of nail art can be interlaced with the other nail art but must be distinctly and separately attached nail. Size of art pieces will not be a consideration in judging. 
  12. Nail Art will be judged in the following categories: originality, color, costume, design, visual interest, balance, overall impression, presentation, complexity, workmanship, details and theme.
  13. Models must be dressed in an appropriate attire to reflect the mood of the Nail creation. Please REPORT DRESSED. No dressing room will be provided. 
  14.  All nail work for each entry must be completed by the competitor registered for that competition. The purchased costume, hair style, and makeup can be supplied by an outside source.  If our staff or judges finds this rule has been violated, the competitor will be prohibited from competing in any Bronner Bros. run competition for the period of one year.
  15. No grotesque – No horror – No Monsters! (Nail Art Competition only)
  16. Entrants and models must remain until the judges’ decisions are completed.
  17. There is a limit of 20 competitors for each competition. 
  19. Bring all the required material to the check in desk.

CLICK HERE to Read Full Bronner Bros. Competition Rules and Regulations.