Online Fantasy Competition


Theme: Competitor Choice

**Due to Covid-19, this is an online competition. You are able to participate in this competition in the comfort of your own home or salon. You complete and submit the 5 minute video following the requirements in the rules below.**

What you will win:


The winning Fantasy ONLINE Fantasy competitor will be given an opportunity to recreate the winning Fantasy creation during the Sunday night, August 29, 2021 Hair Battle in New Orleans. You will present a 5 minute recreation presentation on stage.

  • Hotel accommodations for you and your model.

  • Flight accommodations for you and your model.

  • A trophy from Bronner Brothers®

  • Your winning photo posted on our Bronner Bros. social media with your handle attached for contact (social handles).

  • Photos featured on BronnerBros.com

  • Photos featured in the Bronner Brothers Show Guide February 2022.

NO Onsite Registration! 
Competition Deadline is 
February 22, 2021 -11:59pm

Competition Fee: $100



What is your Fantasy Hair?
Online Competition

So you are ready to show the world your version of Fantasy Hair? You can compete and not pay to travel and put yourself in harms way with the pandemic on the rise.
Netflix showed only a small amount of the creativity that has been discovered in the beauty industry. You can show the industry what you have been holding back!
Allow your imagination to run wild as you dare to inspire a new image for or Fantasy competition. This fancifully achievable competition has given vision and desire to those that have lost their creativity.  Incorporating hair and artistic creativity is vital in the Beauty Industry. This Fantasy competition is open to the inspiration of the individual stylists. Our beauty professionals will ignite your imagination with the use of designs and materials of the past and inventions for the future. This competition is designed for the imagination to venture into new avenues of visual stimulation and beauty. The individual stylists have free range to pick their own theme for the August 2021 Trend in Fantasy. However, if a sponsor snatches the competition, a theme may be given at a later time…Register and show the Beauty industry the next level of  ingenuity and creativity!

The Fee for this competition is $100

Click Here to Register for the Fantasy Competition  

Please register before it is too late!!!
Limited to 50 Competitors

For questions, please contact us at competitionsatbb@gmail.com . We will contact you within 48 hours.


Competitors please note: The head is the canvas and the models natural hair has to be incorporated into the headpiece. The headpiece MUST be built into the foundation of the hair. The appearance of wig (wiggy looking) creations are usually highly penalized. The models face must be visible to be seen by the audience and for the safety of seeing the runway.

Theme: Competitor Choice –  (Unless a Sponsor purchases the competition)
Competitors are allowed to create their own Theme.  Be sure to dress your model to radiate the look you have chosen. This competition will be judged by the complete look from head to fingertips to toes.

Competition Rules: By paying the entry fee, you are agreeing to all the General Rules and Regulations and the individual rules of this competition. Click HERE to view General Rules and Regulations.

    1.  READ AND FOLLOW ALL RULES AND REGULATIONS… “Ignorance of rules excuses no one” is a legal principle holding that a person who is unaware of a law or rule may not escape penalty for violating or not doing that law or rule merely because because he/she was unaware of its content.
    2. This competition is open to all licensed Professional Cosmetologist. You must upload your license and state issued ID during the registration process.
    3. Winning Competitor agrees to appear on Sunday, August 29, 2021 and give a 5 minute recreation of the Fantasy Hair that was created online for the competition. 
    4.  This competition does not limit or restrict  by race, gender, creed color or nationality.
    5. Only ages 18 and older are allowed to compete and be models.
    6. Competitor has to make sure that the model signs and submits all paperwork and waivers to participate or risk disqualification.
      1. MODELS: You MUST provide two forms of ID to registration for this competition to show proof of your age and a photograph (for example, a birth certificate and driver’s license or a birth certificate and a passport or a birth certificate and a school ID card with your name on it). Because age can be deceiving, your model must prove their age. Proof that the model is at least 18 years of age. Without it, the model cannot be used.
      2. COMPETITOR: Must upload active proof of licensure in your state of residence. Please contact competitionsatbb@gmail.com if your state does not require licensure for further details.
    7. By participating in this Contest/Competition, all entrants and models irrevocably and forever agree to release, defend, indemnify and hold harmless Bronner Bros. and their respective parents, subsidiaries, affiliates, and each of their respective officers, directors, employees, and agents (collectively, the “Released Parties”) from and against any claim, liability, injury, damage, death, loss, expense, or cause of action arising out of participation in the Contest/Competition or acceptance, receipt, travel related to, inability to use, or use of any prize.  Entry and/or acceptance of prize(s) constitutes permission for the Sponsor and their agencies to use the participating entrants’ and models’ name, address (city and state) and/or likeness for advertising and trade purposes without further compensation or authorization, worldwide and in perpetuity, in any and all forms of media, now known and hereafter devised, including without limitation Internet, unless prohibited by law.
    8. Current Bronner Brothers employees, platform artists, and educators cannot compete in this competition. A minimum of 1 year of non association is required to qualify.
    9. Competitors may enter two models. However, the competition fee must be paid for both models. 
    10. Begin your video with your models hair combed into the foundation ponytail. Have you models makeup completed and attire already on. 
    11. Competitor will provide all materials, attire, hair, tools, and equipment needed for the completion of this finished look.
    12. Hairpieces and postiches can be pre-done and used for installation on the video. They are to be positioned and attached to the models head during the allotted time frame (time lapsed – 5 minute video). Photos of the process must be submitted to be included with your submission video for judging.
    13. Wigs are NOT allowed.  
    14. The texture disposition of the models hair does not matter. (Permed, locs, natural, etc.)
    15. Competitor and model may only do “touching up” to the models make-up during the video.
    16. The model is not allowed to assist with any portion of hair completion. Only holding the hairpiece for pinning is allowed.
    17. Any method of setting, gels, fixatives and coloring agents may be used to achieve the finished hairstyle.
    18. Be sure to attach the head piece to your models head and make sure that it will not fall off during the 5 minute video. Your model must walk with the head piece on during the video.
    19.  Judging will be done on a visual basis only. Your creation will not be disassembled.
    21. This is a Fantasy competition.  Judging will include hair, headdress, clothing, make-up, nails, and accessories.  Entries will be judged on the total appearance of Total Fantasy Look. Please make sure that you are complete in every area.
    22. No live animals, reptiles, or fish are allowed as props. The Hairpiece(s) cannot cover more than 1/3 of the models head. (Points will be deducted). You can click HERE to review 1/3 of head preparation video.
    23. For clarity: 2/3 of the models hair and head must be visible and uncovered.
    24. Hair and jewelry are both included in the total size of the foundation/base attached to the models head.
    25. When beads, rhinestones, and other ornaments are attached to the headpiece, and touching the models head, they add in to the total headpiece foundation/base of 1/3.
    26. Hair ornaments must be made of 85% hair.  The entire design must be made of 85% hair. (Human or synthetic hair of any color). 
    27. The finished style must be part of the model’s total look. The hairstyle and attire must compliment each other.  The attire must tie-in with the hairstyle and theme.  
    28. It is the responsibility of the the competitor to make sure that the model has had food and ample hydration (water) before and during taping of the video for the competition.
    29. The artist/competitor must sign and submit the official entry application agreeing with the Rules and Regulations and pay the required fee(s). Also competitor and model must sign a liability waiver, accountability statement, and background affidavit permissions. In doing so, the competitor agrees to abide by the decision of the voting and/or judges. ALL DECISIONS ARE FINAL.
    30. The SPONSORS RESERVE THE RIGHT to require a minimum number of competitors.  There must be a minimum of 10 contestants by the start of the competition.  
    31. PROHIBITED looks: No grotesque – No Horror – No Cult – No Monsters or you will be disqualified. ALL finished looks must be based in BEAUTY. Dark painted and fierce faces may be considered Horror from past TV shows and Super Hero looks. If your child will run from the look, it will not be suitable for our stage.
    32. NOTICE: If a competitor has won 1st place in this Bronner Bros Competition in the past, he/she may not enter this competition again for 2 years after the winning year or 4 consecutive beauty shows. However, he/she may enter any of the other Bronner Brothers competitions at any time.
    33. WINNER: Hairpieces and postiche must be completed prior to coming on site to be attached during the Hair Battle on Stage. All ornamentation and head pieces must be attached to the hairstyle during the designated time visibly before the a live audience.
    34. During the winning Hair Battle presentation, no other people are allowed on stage or in green room to assist; i.e. make-up artist, wardrobe specialist, etc. Also no one else is allowed in the preparation room but contestant and model. The viewing show attendees will be allowed to see all creations and the actual headpiece placement on main stage during the Hair Battle event.

FYI: Chairman of Judges, Dave Ray, has a collection of videos to help you better understand parts of the competition?
View them here:

Learn What’s Trending

Color Contrasting

One Third of the Head (1/3)

How to Choose a Model

In past Beauty Shows, competitors that chose to disregard any rule had significant point reduction and severely decreased their opportunity to win the competition.