As Show Director, I have the unique responsibility of leading with wisdom and relevancy. I have learned that sometimes, words from our past are still relevant to our present and wisdom for the future. So I humbly yield my opportunity to impart words of welcome and inspiration to the words of welcome and insight from the past, from my father, the Original Show Director, Founder, from his 1964 Welcome – James Bronner


The theme this year is “Thrift and Technical Know- How”. Since Beauty Culture is Business, as well as, a great art, It is very gratifying to see that beauticians are becoming more keenly aware that “THRIFT” is an absolute necessity for success in the Beauty Field. More up to date shops are demanded by the public, improved beauty services, a larger variety of beauty products and other increasing costs are requiring the beauticians to be more thrifty. 
Beauticians each year save thousands of dollars by taking the advantage of cut price deals offered by each Exhibitor.

WIG TECHNICAL KNOW HOW: Beauticians are urged to take the advantage of the Wig training classes. By increasing your knowledge of wig styling, wig cutting, wig rolling and wig setting, you definitely increase your wig sales. Nothing is more rewarding than a satisfied Wig customer. Also increased skill in the usage of beauty products enhances the result of your finished hair-do.

“A SPECIAL SALUTE TO DISTRIBUTORS”: Our fellow distributors are to be honored at this 1964 occasion. Beauticians are urged to renew their pledge to pay their distributors more promptly so they can pay their bills more promptly and in term give beauticians improved services and a fuller line of products. This will be a permanent way to honor your faithful distributors.


Best Wishes,

Nathaniel H. Bronner, Sr. – Beauty Show Director – 1964