• August 27-29, 2022
  • Miami Beach, FL

There is ample parking at or Near the Convention Center.

We are aware that our International Attendees do not have licenses, but there is a simple solution. Please register online as an “Un-licensed Guest,” and bring any certificates that you may have with you to the show. During on-site registration, we will change your status to “professional.”

Each Competition has a limited number of participant slots. There is the rare occasion that a Competitor may back out of the Competition. If so, the Competition staff will contact you to ask if you would like to still participate and purchase the Competition. If you are first on the waiting list, then you will be contacted first and so on.

Due to the wonderful staffing of Bronner Bros and our extensive relationships with industry professionals, rarely do we need extra or volunteer help during the show in Competitions.

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, competitions maximum of 30 competitors may be limited to 20-25. Please visit the site closer to August 2021 for final decisions.

No. If you are a competitor in the Bronner Brothers competitions your model will receive complimentary entry on the day of the competition ONLY. This entry is for the day of the Competition starting at 10am until 6pm. Please visit the appropriate registration desk in the registration hall for your model to receive the their stamp for entry.

Yes. Friends and family will have to purchase a 1 day pass to see you in the competition. If you anticipate that they will want to view, please encourage them to take advantage of the early bird prices available until the day before the show opens. CLICK HERE to view the early bird specials.

Due to insurance regulations, children under the age of 12 are not allowed on the show floor. However, some of the competitions will allow a male child to compete that is 12 or older. Most models have to be 18 years or older to sign waivers. If the parents are present (on site) and sign the appropriate forms, the child will be allowed to compete. Please review the rules and regulations of each competition as they may vary.

Eating in the Competition Headquarters is not allowed. However, if you come early enough before you check-in time, the food court is located on the opposite side of the exhibit floor (about ⅛ mile walk from competition headquarters). The types of food that will be available will be too heavy and messy to consume during the check-in or prep time for the competition. The time flow while in the competition Headquarters is planned and has specifics involved. If you have and can bring light snacks (crackers, chips, nuts) they can be consumed quickly away from your station as sanitary issues are in play when servicing your model.

-Make sure that you and your model remain hydrated.

All of our distinguished judges are experienced past competitors and have a knowledge base of requirements in the choosing of the winners of the competitions. But a general list overview of what the judges are looking for would be the following:

  • Trend-setting Capability
  • Completion of Executed Style
  • Accuracy of Angles
  • Originality/Creativity
  • Intensity/Vibrancy of hair color
  • Contour of Hair Design
  • Correct design for face structure
  • Versatility of creation (professionalism) – When not a Fantasy design
  • Continuity of theme

Bronner Bros has a sponsorship prospectus that can be emailed to any company that is interested in being a sponsor. Please contact

After the competitions are completed, the judges remain backstage at the ending of the announcement of the winners and they will give any curious and respectful competitor an opportunity to get constructive feedback from on their creation.

In an attempt to bring our attendees the Best and the Brightest in the industry, Celebrities and Industry Professionals are chosen to share and impart their expertise to you as a courtesy. We invite these individuals to impart their experiences to help guide our newly licensed and seasoned stylists into new avenues to increase their profit margin and open their minds to different ways of accomplishing new goal. These same Celebrities occasionally are invited to judge the competitions to add the layer of flare and excitement for the competitors. Many of our judges have already accomplished goals set by our competitors. This gives them an opportunity for face to face questioning (they make themselves available after the competition for critiquing of the competition if the competitor did not place).

No, this hand stamp is for use in and out of the exhibit floor during the daytime only. The hours are 10am until 6pm. You may purchase admission in the registration hall. Early Bird and  advanced prices offer great discounts before August 27th.

Please be sure to visit the competition headquarters immediately following the competition to fill out the WINNERS paperwork. This will ensure that we have the proper information and mailing address for the check to be sent to. With this form, if the prize amount exceeds $500, we will have to have your Social Security Number to issue a 1099 at the end of the year for tax purposes.
If these winner forms are not filled out, you will delay your prize mailing by 30 days.

Some of our competitions are held in the Competition Headquarters and not on main stage. Because our competitors are so talented, we feel that all their hard work should be viewed by the attending audience too. The prize awards are made on main stage at the end of the day so that any and all parties involved (sponsors, exhibitors, family and friends) can have an opportunity to view the presentations. Because of the time restraints that are inherent with mainstage production, extending the awards to the end of the day will ensure that the times stay accurate and our Main Stage production will flow flawlessly.

Yes, there will be a desk labeled COMPETITIONS as you enter the Registration area. Please bring your confirmation information to this desk.

Yes, the Early Bird Specials are for a limited time and the code is embedded in the Rules and Regulations.

Parking is a separate entity from the Bronner Bros. International Beauty Show. It is recommended to arrive extra early to get the parking spots that are closer to the building. If you are staying in a participating hotel, and we have contracted a company to provide shuttle bus service, the Bronner Bros shuttle/charter bus has special pickup and drop off points. The charter bus will drop you right at the entrance to the Registration hall. There is storage under the bus for your equipment.
You can pre-purchase parking for the Bronner Brother International Beauty Show for the participating lots on show site. Please CLICK HERE

Competitions and Admissions are separate for the Bronner Brothers International Beauty Show. To enter any competition, you first must be a paid registered attendee. This registration requires that you present your valid professional license and or your current Student identification to enter. There are separate costs that are associated with preparing the competition venue that requires a separate fee. This fee is minimal for the purpose of covering the basic costs to facilitate the competition. The competitor needs to pay to enter the exhibit floor to be in the competition. The model is given complimentary entry for the day events (Night events are not included in this complimentary pass.)

Please report to the last place that you remember having an item and if not found, please report and check with the Lost and found of the convention Center. REGISTRATION/CUSTOMER SERVICE DESK.

Unlicensed guests are permitted to enter the show, however, they are not permitted to attend educational classes. Unlicensed guests are also not permitted to purchase products deemed “professional only” in the exhibit hall. No infants or children under the age of 12 will be permitted. They will need to be admitted to the onsite daycare (when available).

All Sales are Final. You will be required to purchase another wristband to gain entrance into the show.