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Champion of Weave

Champion of Weaves Competition

What you will win:



  • $500
  • A trophy from Bronner Brothers®
  • Photos featured on
  • Recognition on Center Stage August 2017
  • Photos featured in Bronner Bros Show Digest August 2017
  • Admission to Bronner Bros. Beauty Show August 2017 (VIP pass)


  • $250
  • A trophy from Bronner Brothers®
  • Photos featured on
  • Admission to Bronner Bros. Beauty Show August 2017 (3-day/2-night pass)                                        


  • $150
  • A trophy from Bronner Brothers®
  • Photos featured on
  • Admission to Bronner Bros. Beauty Show August 2017 (1-day pass)

Competition Fee: $100


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Champion of Weave Competition

We have the returning Champion of Weaves ‘Dream’ competition at the Bronner Bros. International Beauty Show. This platform is now for the heavy hitters! Our Best stylists will cut, curl and contour weave designs on models of all categories! The Top 6 will receive a Certificate from NuExpressions and be submitted to receive special rates for platform artistry with the NuExpressions Bootcamp in October of every year. The 1st place winner will walk away with Prizes and the title of  “CHAMPION OF WEAVE!!”


The fee for this competition is $100.00 (You still must pay for admission to the show separately). 

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For questions, please contact us at .We will contact you within 48 hours.

THE COMPETITORS MODEL will be given complimentary entrance to the Bronner Bros. Exhibit Hall Floor on the day of their competition ONLY!
Please arrive ON TIME! 


SATURDAY, February 11, 2017
Building C of the Georgia World Congress Center (Northside Drive Entrance)
Location: Competition Check-In Desk In Registration Hall (Follow floor clings)
Prep Location: Competition Headquarters (DO NOT GO TO MAIN STAGE)
You can arrive early.

Check-In Time: 11:30 a.m.-11:45 p.m (Doors are closed at 11:45 a.m.)
Prep Time: 12:00 p.m.-12:45 p.m. (Braid down)
Main Stage Time: 1:00 – 1:45 p.m.
Judging: 1:45 p.m.-2:15 p.m.
End Time: 2:30 p.m.

Champion of Weaves



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By paying the entry fee, you are agreeing to all the General Rules and Regulations and the individual rules of this competition.


  1. Please click to review the General Rules and Regulations.
  2. Please arrive on time! Once doors are closed, no competitors or models will be allowed to enter. Security will be present. There will be no refunds given for late arrivals. Doors are closed at 11:45. PLEASE NOTE: There is construction being done to the new stadium next to the Georgia World Congress Center (GWCC). Please make time allotments accordingly for parking, longs walks and possible road detours.
  3. This competition is open to licensed professional cosmetologist with proof of license and state issued ID.
  4. Current Bronner Brothers employees, platform artists, and educators cannot compete in this competition. A minimum of 1 year of non-association is required to qualify.
  5. Competitor is required to use the hair provided in the Competition. Hair will be provided by Miracle Mink Hair. You will receive 2 bundles. Brazilian, Color: 1B, length 16″-18″.
  6. No Children under 12 are allowed on the Exhibit floor, back stage or in the area for this competition. Click here for our onsite DAYCARE options.
  7. Models must be 18 years or older to participate.
  8. Competitor must provide all needles, foam stand, and thread for the competition. Needles can be pre-threaded and brought assembled in Styrofoam head to the Georgia World Congress Center from home/salon. Use as many needles as needed for your technique of styling.
  9. Competitor may enter one model per entry fee. ONLY LEGALLY FEMALE MODELS (Models may be of any race, color, nationality or creed.) If more than one model is entered, there will be no extra time allotted during the prep time slot, nor any extra time allowed on stage for the final sew in process.
  10. It is the responsibility of the the competitor to make sure that the model has had food and ample hydration (water) before and during the competition.
  11. The use of Hair glue and extension tape is prohibited. If found to be used, significant points will be deducted.
  12. Flat irons and curling irons are allowed. The use of blow dryers and ceramic ovens is prohibited.
  13. Competitors have full use of all cutting equipment to implement the style desired. Bring your own combs, flatirons, curling irons, shears, etc)
  14. The finishing products will be provided by Bronner Bros. for you to keep. NuExpressions is the finishing product sponsor for Feb 2017. You will receive edge control, diamond shine, and spritz.
  15. Competitors have 45 minutes total to execute the sewing technique, cut, & style on Man stage. (The use of bonding glue, clip ins and hair pins of any type are prohibited.)
  16. Metal hair clips (duck bills), butterfly clips and styling clips are allowed during the competition to hold the hair during styling.
  17. Report with models dressed, makeup and accessories done before arrival. No dressing rooms will be provided.
  18. Competitors will sew, cut and style only in time allotted (45 minutes) on Main Stage. HAIR MUST BE BRAIDED DURING PREP TIME ONLY (45 min). Braiding will be done in the Competition Headquarters, not on Main Stage.
  19. You are allowed to sew the ending braid to the scalp during the braiding. IF YOU ARE using a net, it must be sewn during the braiding time in the competition headquarters. If you are not able to sew the netting after braiding in the given time frame of 45 minutes, you can sew it during stage presentation. However, remember you are only given 45 minutes to sew weave onto the head, cut, curl and style the hair before the judging begins.
  20. Only braiding hair can used as a filler during the braid down time in the Prep room. No loose wefted hair can be sewn into the hair during the braid down time in the competition headquarters. All hair additions must be inside of the braid.
  21. Any competitor arriving with any portion of the models hair braided before the timer starts will have to remove the braids or be disqualified. No additional time will be given to the competitor and points will be deducted. 
  22. Competitor agrees to appear on site at the required CHECK-IN time or risk point deduction and/or possible disqualification for non adherence to the time requirements. Our competitions are viewed on Main stage and have extensive Run of Show obligations. Main stage is time sensitive. Competitors that are tardy are heavily penalized. There will be NO REFUNDS issued for disqualifications due to tardies or absences.
  23. There is extensive construction next to the Georgia World Congress Center. We are building a New Mercedes Stadium. There may be detours and traffic delays. Please use your time wisely and plan your route to the facility ahead of time.
  24. The competitor has control of the side part choices and the option to leave the edges out. (The choice of edge leave out may be the determining factor to the natural look of your hair style.)
  25. No closures of any kind are allowed.
  26. Judges reserve the right to finger through and inspect the interior workmanship of the finished style. The hair design will not be disturbed.
  27. Entrants and models must remain until the judges’ decisions are announced.
  28. The finished style must be a professional, trendsetting, non fantasy hairstyle. Attire, makeup and nails must compliment the total look.
  29. Styling technique is optional based on competitor’s creativity. HAIR MUST BE FREE FLOWING AND TANGIBLE.
  30. After time has been called, there can be no additions or ornamentation added to the head after style is completed. (Including Sprays or colors)

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FYI: In past Beauty Shows, competitors that chose to disregard any rule had significant point reduction and severely decreased their opportunity to win the competition.