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Attendee FAQs

What is Bronner Bros. International Beauty Show?
What are the Dates and Times for the show?
Where is the show located?
Who is eligible to attend Bronner Bros. International Beauty Show?
Can unlicensed salon managers and/or employees attend the show?
Can distributors, manufacturers, or manufacturers representatives attend Bronner Bros. International Beauty Show?
Can cosmetology students attend Bronner Brothers International Beauty Show?
Do cosmetology school instructors receive free admission?
May I bring a rolling cart?
Do I need to pre-register for education classes?
May I bring a camera?
Where is the best place to park?
How do I book a hotel room?
What should I wear?
What is the closest airport to the convention center?
Are refunds available if I purchase my show pass but am not able to attend?
Where can I rent a scooter/wheelchair?
Is there a public paging system?
Will there be a location for me to ship my purchases?
What am I required to bring with me?
Is smoking allowed at the show?
If I am unlicensed, how do I participate in the show?
How do I get photos from the prior shows?
If I am an International visitor and my cosmetology license is not valid in the USA, how can I participate?
How does the waiting List work for competitions?
Can a prior winner volunteer in the Competition Headquarters for upcoming shows?
Whom to contact for Booking talent and modeling for the Bronner Bros. Show?
How do I receive my QR code and confirmation in a text message?
Where do I acquire a Press Pass?
Where do I pay for my admission?
If I am a student before the show and purchase my voucher, how will I be allowed into the event if my student ID is no longer valid?
How many competitors are allowed in each competition?
How does the voucher ticket work?
Voucher Purchases off site:
Can I buy a voucher from a sales representative for admissions?
Will I have to purchase a voucher for my model?
Do friends and family have to purchase a ticket to see me in the competition? What is the fee?
Can my child be a model?
Will I be allowed to eat in the competition Headquarters? Will there be food nearby?
What are the Judges looking for?
What is the process for my company to sponsor a competition?
How do I get feedback from the judges after the competition?
Will there be Celebrity Instructors and Judges? Why are they invited?
Will the complimentary pass that my model receives allow him/her to get into the night events?
After winning a competition, when can I expect the prize money?
Why do we have to wait until the end of the day to hear the results?
Will competitors have a separate check in desk to prevent delays?
Does Bronner Brothers have connections with Travel programs that can help me cut costs?
Is there an Early Bird special for competitions?
How do I park as a competitor? I will likely have equipment to bring.
How do I become a vendor at the show?
Who to contact about doing an article about the show?
How do I become an Instructor?
How do I participate in the Hair Battle/Night Events/Cut Parties/Battle of the Schools?
Is Bronner Bros Hiring?
Why pay for competitions and admissions separately?
Why you cannot access your account with a login?
How to get the bar code texted to you?
Why am I not allowed to bring multiple large boxes in through the front doors of the World Congress Center?
Why are unlicensed guests limited in participation?
What is the price for the Daily Child Care on site?
I lost my Phone/keys/Debit Card/Wallet…?
How much do show prices cost?
Can my spouse or friend attend the show?
How do I get my show pass if I purchase it online?
What should I do if I lose my wristband?
What if I require special assistance at the show?
How do I become a model for your Beauty shows?
How often do you hire models for trade shows?
Do you do sponsorships?
Do you have product samples
How do I find the name of the sales rep that services my area?
Does Bronner Brothers or its divisions make donations to scholarship fund donations?
Do you hire makeup artists?
How do I order NuExpressions Products?